Project Management

ROAR Performance's core expertise is centred around the planning and delivery of demanding projects. Our techniques have been developed through years of practice in the uncompromising world of motorsport where deadlines are fixed, and mistakes mean failure.  


Let us apply that same streamlined approach to your needs, ensuring results on time and in budget.  


Our Project Management fundamentals are:

  • Understanding the deliverables & resources - What is ‘success’ for this project and what do we need to make it happen?

  • Scheduling - When are the key milestones and what is the critical path to each?

  • Budgeting & Cost Control - How do we make the most of every penny?

  • Risk Management - Let’s ensure we know our risks, and have robust plans in place.

  • Leadership of staff & partners - Clear channels of authority and communication are vital. Utilising each team member’s expertise is key.

  • Customer Management - Find the right way to keep customers and stake holders involved and informed.

  • Coaching - Imparting ongoing knowledge, techniques and processes to key staff in a fully transparent approach.  

  • Quality Management - How can we ensure best-practice in everything we do?



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